University Mailroom in age of the Millennials

Software-As-A-Service solution, that brilliantly simplifies the receipt, delivery and tracking of inbound mail packages.


“When I go online, FedEx is saying my package has been delivered to our corporate mailroom, but hours later I still haven’t received it and need it urgently; where is my package? I guess I’ll call down to the mailroom again.”

“My mailroom staff is constantly under pressure trying to handle requests on the location of employee packages, which all too often get misplaced and it becomes a fire drill to find them. We have to look at the heap of papers that serve as our mail logs and see if it has been delivered, and if so, when.”

“Our employees keep calling and stopping by the mailroom and are anxious to find out about the status of their package, be we have no idea where it is, so how do tell them once again, we are trying to locate it.”

“Two years ago, our mailroom operations included two people who were tasked to receive inbound mail and packages from various carriers and couriers who drop off here daily, then sort them, and finally delivering them to various departments and employees who are scattered in different floors in different buildings. But our business has grown and that team has expanded to five and now my management wants to know why we need so many people, and I don’t have the data I need to answer them.

“We receive all these packages, but don’t have the budget to invest in expensive software and barcode readers to help us with more efficiently handling the receipt, delivery and tracking of these packages. With all the apps out there, surely there must be something more affordable to help us!!”

Sounds familiar? We regularly hear such conversations when we visit organizations who receive employee packages or envelopes and lack the automation necessary to make everyone efficient and happy.

So, what are the challenges facing today’s mailroom managers:

• Authentic end-to-end trail of package movement not available; causing lack of visibility to entire chain of custody.

• Recipients must frequently stop by the mail-stop to make sure they do not miss a package and further timely action.

• Operators need to go through a heap of papers to find if the package was delivered, to whom and when or this information is just too much and cumbersome to capture.

• It’s quite difficult to find out why a package not delivered, in turn delaying prompt corrective action.

• Lack of volume of data resulting in inefficient scheduling as well it is impossible to track mailroom productivity and individual operator efficiency. Lack of volume of data resulting in inefficient scheduling as well it is impossible to track mailroom productivity and individual operator efficiency

Let ProcessWeaver make these challenges a thing of the past…

Introducing iMayl, our Software-As-A-Service solution, which is both brilliantly simple, easy to get started with, and flexible enough to be configured to meet your businesses unique requirements in minutes. Let’s look as some key features:

  • Simplicity – ease of Use
  • Active Alerts and Notifications
  • Seamless end-to-end Chain of Custody
  • Location based tracking and scheduling
  • Enhanced Productivity & Governance
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Cost Effective – can leverage iOS/ Android devices too
  • Eco-Friendly, Efficient Information Access, Timely corrective action

iMAYL – Enterprise Mailroom Automation Solution, is built by ProcessWeaver (Established Technology provider for Enterprise mail package receiving, shipping and tracking; helping customers in more than 15,000 locations around the world since 2005).

We’d like to share with you how we’ve helped businesses who have struggled with this problem for years.

For more information or to schedule a 15-minute demonstration, please contact manish.jhawar@imayl.com.

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