University Mailroom in age of the Millennials

University Mailroom in age of the Millennials


These are transformational times for university mailrooms as Millennials have started thronging to colleges. Traditional thin and flat mail packages are fast becoming extinct with increasing use of online social media and other communication tools.

Today’s students travel off to college with least belongings from home as anything and everything, including rental textbooks, can be ordered online and delivered at their doorstep. This mobile savvy student generation is at the forefront of the eCommerce revolution, and is always on the lookout for the best online deals. Thanks to the likes of Amazon Student Prime or Google Express, who have boosted virtual consumer marketplaces by offering sops like free shipping, colleges and universities are seeing a steep rise in related mailroom activity in recent years.

University Mailroom in age of the Millennials

Software-As-A-Service solution, that brilliantly simplifies the receipt, delivery and tracking of inbound mail packages.


“When I go online, FedEx is saying my package has been delivered to our corporate mailroom, but hours later I still haven’t received it and need it urgently; where is my package? I guess I’ll call down to the mailroom again.”

“My mailroom staff is constantly under pressure trying to handle requests on the location of employee packages, which all too often get misplaced and it becomes a fire drill to find them. We have to look at the heap of papers that serve as our mail logs and see if it has been delivered, and if so, when.”

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